I have been playing the guitar since I was 8; currently clocking in at 15 years so far. Growing up, I played in a number of different bands which played metal or classic rock. I have always been quite versatile and can hang with many different genres, but rock will always be my home.Warrant and the lyrics written by Jani Lane have been inspiring throughout my life. I love everything that band did musically and their presence in the late 80’s was absolutely striking. As a guitar player, I wanted to have that very image but express my music in a more soulful way. I have always channeled feelings through my strings and some people compare me to a George Lynch or Steve Vai character when they hear me play. I think that I hear similar traits in my playing too. My favorite lick to play is the Dream Warriors solo. That riff is awesome!
My favorite concert memory was from my first concert ever. I was 7 years old and my parents took me to see Pat Benetar at Pine Knob. I’ve also seen almost every one of my favorite bands live, but that first concert takes the cake. I believe that it was a foreshadowing of my own destiny.See you out there! – Jaime “The Law” Trevino