My lifelong passion for performing music began at 8 years of age, as I watched my 3 older siblings bring home all the latest and greatest ‘80s rock music. I listened to every new rock ‘tape’ they brought through the door. My family was very musically oriented, as my siblings and father all played instruments and my grandfather was a saxophone instructor. I wanted to learn to play the Sax, however my grandfather insisted I learn the clarinet first. It quickly became obvious that the clarinet was not going to be the instrument of my dreams, so I segwayed to the guitar by age 9, and that instrument immediately became my forever love.

My musical philosophy was that I should learn to play guitar from as many different instructors as possible so I could educate myself on all styles of guitar playing. I learned to be my personal best by carefully observing my fellow musicians, instructors and all of the musical greats, rather than just focusing on my own playing.
By age 16, I played in a battle of the bands for the American Guild of Music and my band won two years in a row. This led me to joining my first band and I’ve been in bands ever since.

Years ago, I became a guitar tech for my childhood idol, Yngwie Malmsteen. I moved to florida on and off over 5 years to assist him and was in awe of his incredible aura as well as his musical talent. He was a pioneer of the neo classical ‘shred’ metal guitar style that so many of the 80’s guitar greats emulated.

I’m very excited to be a member of RockStar, as I’ve enjoyed watching them over the years and really love our high energy, outrageous performance style. We have fun dressing up in our 80s wardrobe, and it’s a great band to perform in as a guitar player, because I’m able to play some of the best guitar songs ever written. In spite of all the ‘glamour’ we put out there, we are extremely dedicated to perfecting the music first and foremost.

Some things people may not know about me are:
 I’m a WWII History Buff, I’ve been a guitar teacher for 20 years, and I have 2 beautiful Daughters!!!!!!

Steve Lane